With so many dumbbell bars out there at the moment, here’s a selection of both spinlock and olympic bars for you to have a look at.  They vary is price and materials so there should be something here for everyone.

York Fitness 1″ Dumbbell Bar with Collars

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again.  You can’t go wrong with York Fitness.  It’s not the cheapest bar available as it comes as a single so you would need 2 if wanting to do double handed exercises, but it is a solid bar with spinlock fixings.  The bar is available in either 14″ or 16″ length and is made from solid steel.  The knurled handle will ensure you keep a good grip during your workout.

York also do a plain dumbbell bar, which is 18″ long.  Both bars have the standard 1″ diameter so should be good with most plates.

Hardcastle Spinlock Dumbbell Bars

These are a budget set of dumbbell bars that would be good if you are not looking at putting large amounts of weight on them.  Instead of being solid bar it is hollow, which will effect the amount of weight it can safely hold.  With a plastic grip, you may find these bars are more comfortable than the bars with knurled steel handles.  Be aware though that as these bars have plastic locks they aren’t as strong as the metal ones.  If you are someone who’s pretty rough with their weights or likes to slam them down after a set it’s probably best you avoid these ones.  If you’re someone starting out and wanting a relatively cheap set though, these would fit the bill.

Mirafit 18″ Spinlock Dumbbell Bars

Another pair of solid steel bars that take any 1″ plates.  They come with 4 spinlock collars and a knurled handle grip.  Weighing a smidge over 2kg each and with 13cm of space (enough for up to 8 plates) these are another sound choice of dumbbell bars, especially if you are looking to lift heavy.  If you don’t want two bars, you also have the option to just buy a single.

Olympic 2″ Dumbbell Bars with Spring Collars

Made from steel and weighing 6kg per bar, these dumbbell bars are really sturdy and strong option if you’re after an oly bar.  Although there have been some comments on the construction of the bars, generally the feedback is good.  These bars come in black but are also available in a chrome finish.

KOMODO 2″ Olympic Dumbbell Bars with Spring Collars 20″ Long

At 20″ long, these are the longest dumbbells we’ve looked at.  The extra length will let you add on those extra weights, but just bear on mind whether you will still be able to complete the full range of motion for your exercises with the slightly longer bar or whether it will interfere with your technique.  Made from solid steel and taking all standard oly weights it’s another sound choice, especially if you’re wanting to really up the weights.