One fantastic way of upping your protein intake is eggs.  The argument about whether you should eat the yolk is one that has been raging for years and probably will continue to do so and we aren’t about to make an argument either way here as, thanks you Muscle Food, we don’t have to.  Cartons of egg whites have been knocking about for a while and Muscle Food offer their 1 litre cartons individually or in packs of 6.  If you are a yolk lover though, they also have cartons of whole eggs which are again available as individual or packs of 6.  Another option for those who like a boiled egg but not the relentless peeling of the shell, you can get boiled and peeled eggs delivered straight to your door!


Protein cheese.  Just 2 words that can make someone on a high protein, low fat diet cry.  This low fat, protein cheese comes in blocks, grated or as a spread.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that it must be full of additives and things to make it low fat and high protein but still taste great because it isn’t.  This cheddar cheese is made from 100% British cow’s milk and nothing else.  A 30g serving has 51 calories and 0.9g of fat with 11.1g of protein.  As if you thought it couldn’t get better, it melts amazingly well so grab one of your Muscle Food burgers, melt some protein cheese on the top and drift off into treat meal heaven.