Aside from the standard barbell, the EZ Curl bar is a really good bar to have in your home gym.  The primary advantage with this bar, and actually on one of the main reasons it was introduced, is to reduce the risk of injury.  Heavy bicep curls can put your wrists and elbows at real risk of injury but the shape of the EZ bar puts them at a much more comfortable and safe position.

Another positive of the EZ bar is that is shorter than a barbell so, if you are short on space and aren’t able to have a full barbell, definitely consider getting an EZ bar instead.  You can still use it for pretty much all the same exercises as a barbell including deadlifts, bicep curls, shoulder press, rows, skullcrushers and chest press.

As with barbells you have the same decision to make: spinlock or clips but that decision might already have been made for you with the size of your plates.

Make sure you get the same size bar as your barbell so you can switch plates without having to get a separate set!

York Fitness EZ Curl Spinlock Bar with Collars

A solid steel, chrome plated bar weighing 5kg and taking a maximum load of 125kg.  York have been around long enough for people to recognise them as a reliable and quality brand and this bar is no exception.  With good knurling grips for really secure lifts and 2 spinlock collars included this 1″ bar is sound.

Proiron EZ Curl Bar with Spinlock Collars

Another solid steel, chrome plated spinlock bar with 1″ diameter.  It also has knurled grip and is a more pronounced angular bar than most.   A slightly lower maximum load than the York bar of 100kg, but that’s reflected in the slightly lower price.  All in all another sound option.

Bodypower Olympic EZ Curl Bar

When it comes to Olympic EZ bars you aren’t going to find much better than this one.  Solid steel construction with a chrome finish, weighing 8kg and from a reliable and quality manufacturer.  With the usual 2″ diameter you find on olympic bars, this will fit in perfectly if you already have an olympic barbell.  Just note that this bar does not come with clips.

Hardcastle Olympic EZ Curlbar with Clips

This bar is made from solid steel with a chrome finish and also weighs 8kg but this one, whilst slightly cheaper than the Bodypower, also comes with two spring clips.  Another great option.