Protein, protein, protein.  We can’t get enough of it.  And if you’re like us and are buying all of your supermarkets chicken breast selection on each visit then buying in bulk may  be better for you.  We have been using Muscle Food for years now and the quality of their produce is second to none.  The chicken  breasts in particular are huge but have no added water so there’s no shrinkage while cooking.  Below we have put a selection of what they offer.


Chicken Breasts – A definite staple in our house, chicken breasts are a must on our shopping list every week.  At least they were until we found these amazing chicken breasts from Muscle Food.  Not only are these breasts water and salt free but they are all a great size, at around 200g each.  The price is amazing too with 5kg costing you just £27 – that’s just £1.08 per breast!  You might think that 5kg is a lot to order at once but as these chicken breasts are fresh they can be frozen so you have fresh breasts available whenever you need them.  Quite often people will say that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to meat, but these chicken breasts fly in the face of that.  Amazing price, amazing quality, amazing value.  You will not be disappointed.  They also come pre-packed with one for two breasts per pack for if you just want to throw them in the freezer without getting your hands dirty!

Marinated chicken breasts are also available if you get tired of plain chicken breasts.  The spices are all natural and taste great.


Mince – Great for bolognaise, chilli, shepherd’s pie, stuffed peppers… the list goes on.  This mince has less than 5% fat and is sourced from British and Irish free range farms so is really top quality and great tasting.  What’s even more amazing is that it’s made up of 100% steak trimmings.  Just as with the chicken there’s no added water or salt either so you are just getting 100% beef.  These packs are available in 200g, 400g and 1kg weights.  If you have the freezer space, the 1kg pack is fantastic for making a big batch of bolognaise or chilli that you can freeze ready for those days when you’re short on time or just can’t be bothered to cook!

Steak – Rump, sirloin, ribeye, fillet… who doesn’t love a good steak?  Well if you are a steak fan then Muscle Food have you covered!  They have all your favourite cuts as well as a number of different spiced hache steaks, minute steaks and more.  The prices can’t be sniffed at either when you know that every steak has been matured and tenderised.  They’re available in packs of 2 or 10 so if you wanted to try them out first, choose a 2-pack, but the 10 packs are really great value if you’re a lover!

Burgers – We’ll ask the question again…who doesn’t love a good burger?  If you’re watching your diet you might think that burgers are off the table (quite literally!) but not with these bad boys.  Ok so they aren’t ‘lean’ but they pack a real protein punch and a great treat that won’t cost you a weeks worth of working it off.  They taste great thanks to the seasoning and when you cook them you know they are quality as hardly any fat comes out of them.  If you are wanting to be really good but still fancy joining in on the burger fun, there is a lean mince option that still tastes great but is only 160 calories per burger.  Wow.


If you are loooking to get a low fat, high protein diet sausages are normally one of the first things you mentally cross off your list as being off the menu.  But they’re so tasty, it breaks your heart a little bit to say goodbye to the little guys.  Well dry your eyes and get ordering because lean, delicious sausages can be yours thanks to Muscle Food.  Available in a variety of meats and flavours you won’t know where to start!

Pork – These pork sausages are so tasty some have even won food awards.  Available in a number of varieties, some of which are available in extra lean pork too, the only question you’ll have will be whether you’re going to try the pork and leak, cumberland or bratwurst first.  Although previously the skins on these sausages have tended to be quite tough, this has been rectified now and you honestly wouldn’t know the difference between this and a normal ‘naughty’ sausage.  You can tell how lean these sausages are, just as with the burgers, as hardly any fat comes out of them when they cook and they hold their shape perfectly.

Chicken – The obvious attraction to chicken sausages is that they are much leaner and lower in calories than even extra lean pork.  They really have taken off over the last few years and Muscle Food have 3 varieties for you to try: chicken, chicken and chilli and chicken and garlic.  All of them are made with extra lean chicken and come in around 80 calories a sausage.  A fab way of getting your low fat protein in a different way if you’re getting tired of the same old breast every night.

There are also options in turkey, buffalo and horse if you fancy something that bit different!


Everything tastes better with bacon in it.  Fact.  But when you’er trying to keep things lean you can spend half an hour cutting off all the fat and rind before you cook with it.  In steps Muscle Food with their bacon medallions and rindless bacon to answer all your bacon wishes.  We really do love this bacon and when each pack gives you between 10 and 12 medallions you’ll have plenty for your bacon sandwiches at the weekend and some for the week ahead too.