It’s all very well having the kit but as we’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site the key to working out is getting the right technique.  Failing to get the correct technique could well lead to injury so we’ve provided a few pages of exercises to target different areas of the body and utilising different bits of equipment.

If you are new to exercise or weight lifting, we would always recommend that you consult with a qualified personal trainer initially to ensure your technique is sound.  If you start to feel any pain during any exercise stop immediately.  Whilst exercising with weights should be challenging it should never cause pain.

If you are trying an exercise for the first time, start with a light weight until you are happy you have the technique.  Once your style is sound, then you can increase the weight, but never increase the weight so much that it compromises your form.

If you are happy to work down the list of body parts that’s fine but you may want to combine them to create a more complementary workout.  Here is one way you could combine the workouts over a 4 session week:

Legs and Triceps

Chest and Abs

Bicep and Shoulders

Back and Abs

A few tips to remember:

  1. Never lock out your joints.  Keep elbows and knees soft, even of the exercise calls for straights arms or legs.
  2. Remember to breathe.  A good rule is to breathe in for the first part of the exercise and breathe out as your return to the starting position.
  3. Whenever you can, engage your core.  This will not only keep your body fixed and firm but also work your abdominals, which is never a bad thing.
  4. If an exercise calls for sitting, try using a ball as this will instantly engage your core and leg muscles and increase the difficulty of the exercise.
  5. Keep hydrated.  Your body needs fluids to function.  If you are someone that sweats a lot during exercise, try an isotonic drink which is more easily absorbed into the body.
  6. Never continue an exercise if it hurts.  Muscle will start to ache as your work them but pain is never good.  Maybe try a lighter weight but if your body is still not happy stop the exercise.
  7. If you can’t manage the number of reps suggested that’s absolutely fine.  Just do the number your can manage without compromising your form and aim to improve on that over the weeks to come.




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