Despite the scare-mongering that goes on in the fitness industry that lifting weights will make women bulky and that a woman cannot achieve a fit, strong, feminine figure if she throws weights around, more and more women are finding out the myriad of benefits to weight training.  No, it doesn’t make us bulky.  Yes, we can still look  feminine.  And yes we do love out bodies much more as we know how much more it can do.

Strong is the new skinny.  But with the majority of supplements aimed at males wanting to bulk up, is there anything formulated with women in mind?  The answer is yes!  This isn’t to say that you can’t take standard protein powders (which we talk about on our main supplements page) but if you are looking for products that are really going to enhance your results, as a woman, we’ve hunted out some of the best for you to try.

Gen P  is a range designed by one of the leading providers of sports supplements, Maximuscle.  The Gen P range is designed exclusively for women and looks to maximise their results by providing pre and post-workout supplements as well as protein packed snacks to combat those munchies.  We particularly like their protein powder which is sugar free and is only 116 calories for 20g protein.

MissFits Vegan protein powder  is one of the lowest calorie products out there, offering over 15g of protein for less than 80 calories.  With no added sugar or artificial additives it really is a great natural way to that fitter, healthier, stronger body you’re after.

As we talk about in our main supplements page, some people. particularly those with sensitive digestive systems can find Whey Protein too harsh on their system leaving them bloated and uncomfortable.  If that’s you, we definitely recommend you try a vegan powder.

As well as the protein hit, you’ll also get loads of essential nutrients including Zinc and Vitamin B12 with some green tea extract and glutamine thrown in there for good measure!  As it blends well and it’s perfect for after your workout,  or incorporating into your breakfast or a filling snack.