With dumbbell sets available at very reasonable prices nowadays, it makes sense to have a set at home for those times you don’t want or need to go to the Gym. For example I have a bench and dumbbell set at home that I jump on in between gym days to do a few reps. It also makes sense for those Winter nights, when you can’t face leaving the house and motivation is waning. It can help spur you on to be able to grab your weights and do a few sets easily. Here are 5 dumbbell sets we recommend at various price points. Remember to pick the correct dumbbells for your targets –  whether that is simply toning up (low weight, more reps) or gaining muscle size and mass. Using too low a weight for muscle training won’t help much, and will just frustrate you – you need to be pushing your muscles to see size and mass gains, so choose wisely.

1. York Cast Iron 20KG Kit in Case

This York kit has it’s own carry case which helps when transporting them and means they won’t roll around uneven surfaces or hard wood floor causing potential damage. With easy spinlock collars these offer 10kg weight per dumbbell which is a reasonable amount for most people.

2. York 15Kg Chrome kit in case

This York Chrome set is fairly light at 15Kg but looks fantastic and is quite unique in that it has a rubber grip for comfort and to prevent slippage. With a carry case included, this set is good value for money.

3. York Vinyl Fitbell Kit in case

This kit is ideal for women or those aiming to tone up the arms. The vinyl construction means they are resistant to wear and comfortable to use. With the case included they are easy to keep tidy and transport if required.

4. Adjustable Gym Dumbbells 40Kg

This set employs a clever system whereby plates can be added to the bar and secured easily, allowing adjustability with no spinlock collars or clips. At 40Kg, these weights should be more than enough for bicep curls and can be used on a bench to develop the chest and shoulders.

5. Bodymax 30Kg Hammertone Kit

This durable kit is well made and at a total of 30Kg a reasonable weight for most people. For an entry level dumbbell set, it’s a no brainer.